Growth Experiments

A mix of innovation and data science to
systematically unlock strategic
opportunities and scale your product or
service like a forward-thinking startup

Highly desirable when you want to…

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Refine offerings for the
post-COVID world

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Improve rating/ranking
of your offerings

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Uncover upside of new

What to expect?

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Clarity on target customer & goals

We define a clearly scoped out user-centric problem.
Specifically: Who’s your customer? What’s the current
situation? What’s the goal? What could you improve upon?

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Ammunition for experiments

We innovate novel growth experiments and clearly define
hypothesis, desired outcomes, and KPIs. We measure what
matters so you are ready to scale or pivot

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Experimentation cadence & role clarity

We bring a culture of experimentation. Our innovation
consultants work like hand in glove with your
cross-functional team and define sprint plan and
a cadence

Rapid implementation & analysis

With all ducks lined in a row, we implement experiments
and rapidly analyze the outcomes to define an action plan:
scale or pivot, at speed.

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